“muhtelif” which is an Arabic word originally used to mean “discordant, fluxional” in Turkish, then turned out to be used as “various” in time. True to this name, the band builds its repertoire out of the songs seemingly “discordant and fluxional” so to emphasize the musical concord of different languages and cultures of Anatolia and the Eastern Mediterranean. The band performs a wide range of music in Turkish, Greek, Arabic and Armenian from traditional to popular, 70s to present. Musicians are also song-tellers narrating the social and historical context of songs and their meanings in addition to stories of old performers.

Until 2019, Istanbul was the hometown of the band where they played in many venues and events since 2015.

Now based in Berlin, “muhtelif” has just embarked on a journey in the pursuit of new stories.

“Samsa” which directly refers to Kafka’s famous “Gregor Samsa” is the band’s first original song.